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American Olympians strike gold in Sydney
"Hey, the toilets really do flush the other way!"

Bob Knight to form new basketball league
XBA will give viewers unprecedented access to activities in locker rooms and on sidelines
Profanity, chair-throwing, and Latrell Sprewell to enhance action and speed of the game

Darryl Strawberry receives two years' house arrest for being a "major league asshole"

John Lennon's killer more popular than Jesus' killer

Marion Jones races under scandal's shadow
Track and field superwoman's quest for five Olympic gold medals tainted by really bad teeth

Latin Oscar® nominations announced
Cheech And Chong's Up In Smoke leads pack with 12 nominations including Best Picture
Emilio Estevez snubbed once again by Academy

NBC cancels the Olympics
Poor ratings prompt network to pull the plug
Biannual sporting event to be replaced with episodes of Dateline NBC

Opposition rejects runoff in Yugoslav election
Men's 10-meter platform dive competition proposed instead

Supreme Court refuses to hear Microsoft case
Software giant's appeal "not as catchy as 'Who Let The Dogs Out'"

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