Actual Classes Offered by The Learning Annex

Spiritual Divorce
Learn How Divorce Can Be the Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life

Mackenzie Phillips on
How to Survive in Showbiz

How to Get Filthy, Stinking Rich…
And Still Have Time for Great Sex!, with Self-Made Millionaire Herb Kay

Heal Yourself with Crystals & Stones
Discover a Powerful Ancient Healing Technique

Telepathic Communication with Animals

Using Astrology for Super Success

Improve Your Eyesight
Without Glasses, Contact Lenses or Surgery!

The Smart Man's Guide to Attracting, Dating & Understanding Women
With the Creator of the Love Mechanics' Tool Kit for Men

Getting to "I Do"
For Anyone Who Wants to Get Engaged or Married in 1 Year!

How to Marry Rich
The Rich Are Going to Marry…Why Not to You?

Learn to Flirt!
Add Spark to Your Life

Discover "New Sex"
Experience Electrifying Levels of Intimacy and Passion

How to Strip for Your Lover
Bring Out the Play and Passion in Your Love Life!

Pleiadian Wisdom for the 21st century

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