You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown…for Me to Poop On!

Don't expect any posts this weekend. I will be on tour in Northern California, away from my wonderful T1 connection, forced to deal with this 56K nonsense. In case you're wondering, the opening night of Jonathan Yu's I Hate Annoying British Pansy Rock…And Gnats tour turned out to be the greatest show ever put on at UCLA, highlighted by an impromptu birthday jam session for The Rock featuring special guests Björk, Bob Dylan, M. Doughty, OutKast, Radiohead, Trent Reznor, Tom Waits, and Weezer. I'll be up in Palo Alto tonight, Mountain View tomorrow, and Berkeley on Saturday.

Who will win (not die) in the gladiator match? (out of 9 votes)
Russell Crowe • 8 votes • 89%
Daniel Palay • 1 vote • 11%
Dr. Phil • 0 votes • 0%
Okay, this poll was lame.

As the commissioner of Wrestlepalooza, I want to add a stipulation to the cruiserweight championship match between Dan Green and Jae Min so that we don't have two midget matches at the event, the other one being the Alex Roome versus Haley Joel Osment submission match. Your feedback is most appreciated.

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