Canned Sleep

I paid $164 for tickets to see Blink-182, The Ataris, and Sum 41 at the Hollywood Palladium tonight. I have issues.

I also paid $55 to see Dave Matthews Band and Macy Gray…at Dodger Stadium. Sometimes I just hate Los Angeles because its venues are all so shitty. There's a reason why DMB is playing two nights at Pac Bell Park. Pac Bell Park is not Dodger Stadium.

The XFL is dead. Who saw that coming?

If only SportsCenter was as entertaining as its commercials. The ad with Carrot Top is genius.

Television is on a killing spree lately. First, Assistant D.A. Richard Bey gets shot up on The Practice. Then, Mrs. Landingham wrecks her car on The West Wing. And another one bites the dust on The Sopranos. You can tell when a television series is getting old when they start killing and/or marrying cast members. Hey, somebody should kill the show Friends.

The Real World 10 is in New York City. The Real World 11 is in Chicago. Survivor 3 is in Africa.

Ever get the feeling that when bands make t-shirts, they don't realize that people might actually wear them? Why are so many band t-shirts Jenna Bush ugly?

Blender magazine: If that sad day comes along when Radiohead split up, what do you plan to do in your retirement?
Thom Yorke: Age badly. Follow random pathways in the forest. Smoke a pipe. Become a hermit. Never shave ever again. Take Ecstasy on weekends. Develop a Valium habit. Read the Bible. Go to Tibet. Become an MP (member of Parliament). Change my name. Laugh at economists. Start skanking dancehall style.

The word "festival" can make anything sound interesting. My little brother's attending summer school at Pinewood Private School this year. Now, summer school is inherently not fun. However, Pinewood calls their summer school the "festival of learning," and on a superficial level, that actually sounds kinda cool. The "festival of learning." The "festival of books." The "arts and wine festival." The "festival of Jonathan Yu's sex life."

I was watching MTV2 today and I think Fatboy Slim's highly entertaining "Weapon Of Choice" video has finally been dethroned by the new video for Travis' "Sing." How can you resist a video that features a monkey watching television and a projectile octopus?

I also saw Weezer's new video for "Hash Pipe," or according to the MTV standards department, "H***pipe" (pronounced "ackpipe"). It's sad when you can't mention the title of your song (even in the video ID!) because MTV says so. If you don't know already, you cannot use expletives, derogatives, or references to drugs and violence in a video on MTV. You can however, tell a ho to shake her ass in a thong. I can understand censorship when it's reasonable. You know, "fag"s and "fuck"s – things like that. But for a phrase like "hash pipe"? Give me a break. Note to MTV: Ed Sullivan is dead.

Last summer, I was watching Muchmusic (Canada's version of MTV) and they played the video for Papa Roach's "Last Resort." The song's supposed begin with frontman Coby Dick yelling: "Cut my life into pieces. This is my last resort." What I got from the video was: "Cut my life into pieces. [silence]."

I hate hate HATE it when MTV forces artists to mutilate a perfectly good song. I mean, did you know that the actual chorus of Jay-Z's "Can I Get A…" goes "Can I get a fuck you?" as opposed to the MTV-friendly "Can I get a what what?" There are a lot of good songs out there that could have been released as profitable singles/videos if not for the clout of MTV: Eminem's "Drug Ballad," Smash Mouth's "Stoned," and Papa Roach's own "Binge." I often wonder why a pay-television channel like HBO doesn't have a video hour where they play videos uncensored and intact. That'd truly be music television.

1 • "I have found a reason to live"
2 • sympathy for the devil
3 • now that's what I call music!
4 • thanks, Colin
5 • I did not know that
6 • too late…

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