Shakespeare in Denial

I HATE the Museum of Tolerance! Mwahaha.

The National Cheerleaders Association is here at UCLA and if I had any semblance of a sex drive at all, I would probably care. No hard-on for me. Oh, and some of these cheerleaders today are fat fucks. Definitely no hard-on for me. In fact, no hard-on for me…ever.

There have been several books and magazine articles published in the past few years talking about how boys are the weaker sex. I think it's all a load of bullshit, bullshit perpetuated by the media whenever there's a slow news period. I mean, if we're so concerned that boys are the weaker sex, why don't girls in America just go back to being submissive talking vaginas and let male-dominated society make a comeback? If anything, the media should be reporting the benefits of female rights regression. Viva machismo! Whoo!

15-year-old opera sensation Charlotte Church recently released an autobiography entitled Illogical and Unnecessary Waste of Natural Resources.

Can somebody please explain Jews for Jesus to me? It doesn't make any sense. Jews for Jesus? How does the work? It's totally contradictory, like Women for Jonathan Yu.

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