Jalopy Taco Stand

Telcobox Rob just won't quit.

1. "Geezus, do you watch nothing but wrestling man? Oh yeah…Survivor."
Hey, I'm not the one with the AIM screenname "RobisBor." So I enjoy watching white trash television. At least I'm man enough to admit it. We all know what you like to watch religiously

2. "I'd also like to quote Mr. Yu two more times. 1.) 'FUCK YOU TOO!!! you cocky piece of shit.' – Referring to Weezer."

Okay, I believe I mentioned beforehand that I was reprinting somebody else's Weezer rant. Wow. Talk about a "slow reader."

3. "Well, isn't someone a fuckin' hypocrite?"

Whoever said that I wasn't…leading you on? I may play naive, but you have no idea. NO IDEA.

Now get outta my face. I have a paper to write.

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