It's 11-11. Do you know where your airplanes are?

I hate it when I spend a whole day doing absolutely squat. It's such a waste of mind, made worse by the fact that everybody else seems to have things to do and people to see. A good measure of the patheticity of your life is your AIM buddy list. The more buddies you have who are either offline or away, the more your self-esteem plummets. Somebody play with me. Please. [sigh] I pray that Sunday fares better, especially with the season premieres of The Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle there to boost morale.

What's up for The Simpsons this season? Well, Comic Book Guy is set to have a life-shattering encounter with Marvel comics mastermind Stan Lee (providing his own voice). Another episode will introduce the family of the action hero McBain; his daughter, voiced by Reese Witherspoon, will develop a crush on Bart. Meanwhile, veteran actor Dennis Weaver (star of Gunsmoke) will play a former cowboy actor who befriends Bart. Other episodes will include Homer's experimentation with medical marijuana (that's when the members of Phish show up) as well as voice appearances from, among others, Richard Gere, Ben Stiller, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Paul Newman, Jane Kaczmarek, and Jon Lovitz.

Ken Kesey, who railed against authority in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and orchestrated an LSD-fueled bus ride that helped immortalize the psychedelic 1960s, died Saturday. He was 66. Let's all be like Fonzie and go read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, one of the greatest books ever.

Okay, I made the mistake of updating under the influence of nighttime cold medicine. Muy drowsy I am. Weeeeeeeeee! [passes out]

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