"you must DIE! i alone am best!"

+ 3 Doors Down
+ AIM rate limits
+ anti-smoking commercials made by tobacco companies
+ any 1-800-CALL-ATT commercial
+ calling your friend a "foo"
+ Calvin peeing decals
+ Cartoon Network anime
+ Celebrity Jeopardy! sketches on Saturday Night Live
+ cell phones
+ custom cell phone rings
+ custom cell phone rings you hear while watching a movie
+ clotheslines from hell
+ :P
+ comb-overs
+ commercials for NBC shows that spoil the surprises
+ country music award shows
+ Creed
+ diet soda
+ dotting "i"s with a heart or a star
+ E!
+ Eminem's dancing
+ ending everything you say with the phrase "you know what i'm sayin'?"
+ Enrique Iglesias
+ film students
+ graduate film students
+ Freddie Prinze Jr. movies
+ Friends
+ girls who write letters to their buddies in class
+ Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion
+ guys who bleach their hair when they really shouldn't
+ guys who like to dance…and actually dance good
+ half-dollar coins
+ hand dryers
+ homeless people with funny signs
+ Hurley clothing
+ IMing somebody only to immediately receive an incoherent piece of another conversation as a response
+ internet pre-sales
+ Jay Leno
+ labrets
+ laughing acronyms
+ live albums
+ Lunchables
+ mail-in rebates
+ male cheerleaders
+ Miss Cleo
+ na-na-na choruses
+ the "new" TRL
+ nose piercings
+ "obey" Andre the Giant stickers
+ passive voice
+ people who applaud after a movie, like the actors can hear it
+ people who order from the healthy menu at a fast food restaurant
+ people who push crosswalk buttons repeatedly, like it's gonna make the traffic light change any quicker
+ people who say "guess what?" and actually make you guess
+ people who snicker when they hear or see the number "69"
+ people who stand on a moving walkway
+ people who stroll
+ people who take the elevator to the second floor of a building
+ Planet Hollywood
+ police synonyms for "yes"
+ pop-up ads
+ rap videos that tease another song at the end
+ Sanrio
+ The Scarlet Letter
+ the shot in a television newsmagazine interview segment where the interviewer and the interviewee stroll through a peaceful locale together and pretend to chat casually
+ "straight-edge"
+ t-shirts with marijuana-related parodies of corporate logos
+ the band Live
+ the midget from Austin Powers 2
+ the "vegetables" in a cup o' noodles
+ Ticketmaster
+ Ticketmaster.com
+ Ticketmaster wristbands
+ the two or three near-misses before a character in a movie actually drinks a bodily fluid they mistake for a delicious beverage
+ using numbers in place of letters
+ warm soda
+ when a vending machine vends you warm soda
+ Wheel of Fortune
+ white kids who wear Fubu clothing
+ Windows messenger
+ weird-flavored potato chips

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