the internet stops sucking January 6, 2002

Elvin Lee, I'm-a exchange your eyeballs with your testicles the next time I see you if you don't deliver on your promise to host my site on your server. I gave you and Nick $250 to buy shit for that fuckin' machine and I'd like to see my services rendered. Even if you guys did spend the money on pot, I know you have the server up. You said you'd give me access in September. It's December now and I'm pissed. Why don't you answer my instant messages? Just set me up, dammit! If not, then I want a pound of your flesh.

This picture always makes me laugh.

I'll be in Mountain View (the Bay Area, for you non-Californians) from December 15th to January 4th. It's about time I went on vacation. I've been in school for practically 16 consecutive months now. This year alone, I've spent about twenty-something days not at school. [sigh] Pathetic.

(650) 961-1727. Call me. Please. Jord's not visiting me. What am I gonna do for fun? I'll have a car, but what good is a car without a social life? Mountain View's a boring place, especially with no internet. Yes, my parents killed internet access at our home, even though my brother's in seventh grade. No computer – that's the final nail in the coffin. Somebody, anybody, everybody…help. will return on January 6, 2002 with a new direction and layout. What I'm gonna do is gonna be puzzled over…and studied…and followed…forever. I can't reveal any details, but in the words of Rob, it'll be "less E/N and more Jon Yu in your face."

Until then, re-enjoy six good posts of 2001:
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I'm-a go away for a bit now.

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