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"who is super now?"

I remember my first Sony. In fact, I had it in the back seat of my '85 Honda Civic because I couldn't find any place for it in my house. Got it for cheap too.

Adam once told me that he didn't consider Fox to be a real television network. [pause] I don't know what to say to that.

Fox aired the "season finale" of The Tick last night, at least what was billed on the Fox website as the "season finale." In reality, the show was canceled, and will now join Action, The Ben Stiller Show, The Critic, Get a Life, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Profit, and TV Nation in the wasteland of shows too cool and/or weird…even for Fox. [sigh] The final episode saw Arthur come out (as a superhero) to his mother and sister, who are appalled at his lifestyle choice and subsequently send him to a superhero de-programming center under the supervision of licensed graduate student of psychology, Francis Peacock, played by kid in the hall Dave Foley. Oh, the irony. Fox now has the privilege of saying it de-programmed The Tick twice: first the cartoon that jumped the shark once Monkee Mickey Dolenz left after the first season as the voice of Arthur and was replaced by the guy who does the voice of Pinky, then the live-action series which wasn't even given a chance to jump the shark. I guess there's simply no place on network television for "a two headed cobra of goodness slithering down the path of righteousness leaving its venom deep in the hindquarters of evil." Instead, we get The Chamber. The guy who thought this up STILL HAS A PAYING JOB.

Two rights, however, will make-up a wrong (I hope). Fox finally confirmed that Andy Richter Controls the Universe, starring the former Conan O'Brien sidekick, will premiere March 18. In addition, Greg the Bunny, where the puppet stars of a kids TV show interact with their human co-stars (Eugene Levy, Seth Green) as if they were real, hops onto the Fox line-up March 27.

pyxis 042: rivers cuomo likes to say that he "won't be comin back round here no more" a lot

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