has anyone seen my potential?

"fap fap fap"

Jon Yu does John Q.

A down-on-his luck father whose insurance won't cover his son's heart transplant takes a hospital's emergency room hostage until doctors agree to perform the operation.

Mediocre. Not good, but not awful. A lot better than it had a right to be.

I'm sorry, son! I didn't mean to fuck you so hard!

Wait a minute. I was Ryan on Unhappily Ever After.
The hell am I doing in a real movie debating issues like health care and insurance?

He's a cyborg with a bomb in his rib cage!!!

[sigh] Ugly bitch is gonna cry again. Shoot me.

It hangs about that low.

Oh my God! Did I actually do that with Ellen?

What are you wearing now?

I'm Ted Demme, and I make a posthumous cameo in John Q.
Say what you will about the movie, but at least it's not some silly Anne Rice/pop star goth shit-acular.

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