Tommy Fiddle ith nye halo. Whoo!

I looovvveee eminem so much.I amhis #1 fan.He luvs me and i luv him.. .I like to hang out with my friends,and listen to music.I would have put eminem more in my keywords but it didn't fit. if u don't like the lakers or eminem don't talk 2 me. ME + EMINEM = 4EVER I luv eminem Eminem luvs me I luv eminem Eminem luvs me

According to Live 105, Tuesday was National Masturbation Day. Then again, so was Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Chuck Chuck bo buck banana fana fo fuck…

I said the F word.

Psss. The F word is "fingerbang."


I said the F word again.

Hee hee hee. Fingerbang. It's like sex…WITH A FINGER! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

In the year 2000…a college student will take his first puff of marijuana and realize that 'soy milk' in Spanish means "I am milk." He will then laugh…for six solid hours.

That's not Britney Spears! It's a man, baby!

Manbaby = Vin Diesel.

"It's OK. Please don't cry. Come on in on the couch. The news will be on any minute. We can do it there."

"It? Do it? What?"

"Have sexual intercourse. Maybe there'll be something about China tonight. I like to do it while they talk about Vietnam, but China is best of all. You think about all those Chinese. Teeming. That profusion of life. It makes it sexier, right?"

John Mayer is dating Vanessa Carleton. If they mate, they will have the MOST BORING CHILDREN EVER.

Zoom zoom.

Who does this Ticketmaster think he is? Oooh…I'm the Ticketmaster! The Master of Tickets! Dr. No Admittance! I can do anything I want! That includes tacking ridiculously exorbitant convenience charges onto every purchase! Hahahahaha! Did you see how I called them "convenience" charges? Because they're, like, totally not! ROFL!

Girls who drink milk but won't swallow cum should SHUT UP.

As you can see, I've been up for way too long writing this paper. WeeeeeeEEEEEE!!!

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