xbox live 11.14.02

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I thought the "Rocky! For Senate" campaign (join Rocky's army!) would be the highlight of the 2002 election until Howard told me about a California proposition that Arnold Schwarzenegger came up with. Vote "yes" on Prop 49!

What do emo kids listen to at parties?

Hey, do you think Indians masturbate?

Like…casino Indians?

No, no. Indian Indians. Hindians. (Fuckin' Columbus. Couldn't get his countries straight.) Do you think they "frequent the Kwik-E-Mart"? You know, "season the curry"?

Um…yeah, they probably masturbate. I mean, their gods have four arms.

Good point.

Forearms. Hahahaha.

If I had anal sex with a woman while she's giving birth, would it count as double penetration?

pyxis 042: you know giving birth often rips the skin below a woman's vagina
pyxis 042: so it would probably be incredibly painful for her to be done up the ass
rory hornblower: oh?
pyxis 042: like…it rips a few inches
pyxis 042: and
pyxis 042: babies also shit while they're being born and stuff
pyxis 042: it's really gross and messy
rory hornblower: are you serious?
pyxis 042: yup
pyxis 042: my mom's a nurse in labor & delivery
rory hornblower: well, there goes my thursday night…

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