talking points memo

I was planning my schedule for winter quarter when I discovered that while I'm in my third year of college, I'm already classified as a senior. I did the math, and it looks like I can graduate before I turn 21. I'd like to have a summer though, so I'll settle for a December 2003 graduation — two quarters early. Of course, the unforeseen circumstances leave me with less time to figure out postgraduate plans.

Mike Kelly once asked me what good an English major is, and honestly, I dunno. The only reason I'm an English major is because I was rejected from film school and didn't have the grades (or desire) to major in Comm Studies Common Sense. UCLA doesn't have a Journalism major.

Jose says that, like a Business major, I can market an English major anywhere, but I just can't see myself building a media empire out of a humanities degree and a non-existent high school diploma. I don't want to copy edit for a living!

I really fucked myself over by not looking into what majors each candidate school offered when applying to colleges. I'm gonna have to be a little more prudent with grad schools; that is, if I manage to get into one. I still believe in my heart that life's too short to spend so much of it in school, but for my own sake, I need to attend grad school. Grad school is an opportunity to start over, to study something else, somewhere else, and stay competitive.

Jonathan Yu: B.A. in English from UCLA, Masters in Business and Computer Engineering from UPenn. Sounds like the most generic educational background po$$ible.

As an official member of the Class of 2003 now, I suppose I better start working on my college apps. [sigh] I thought I was finished with standardized tests. Bring on the GRE.

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