do they have many farms in detroit?

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From the home office in Palo Alto, California, the top 2002 things I learned in 2002:

20. My body is a wonderland.
19. Even the Angels have no use for Tony Danza anymore.
18. There is still hope.
17. First, you say "whoa-oh." THEN, you say "yeah-ah." Not the other way around.
16. Always make extra copies of strange videotapes. Unless you're R. Kelly.
15. The Big Tymers are, evidently, still fly.*
14. By "new breed of secret agent," they mean "snowboarders."
13. Good Charlotte does not approve of Winona Ryder's recent behavior.
12. Christina Aguilera is not a girl, not yet a slut. No, she's beautiful, in the same way that Spider-Man "Hero" video is. Words can't bring her down. $100 could, though.
11. There is still hope.
10. "Stealing Harvard is the funniest movie of the year!"
09. It is no longer possible to hear anyone say "it's hot in here" without immediately thinking about getting buck naked.
08. Who da man? Yo da man!
07. If at first you don't succeed, attack Iraq.
06. White America, Eminem could be one of your kids. So could Halle Berry, but she's currently black.
05. Nothing good can happen when America votes.
04. There is still hope.
03. Everybody runs. Well, except for Anna Nicole Smith and Ozzy's kids.
02. You mess with one New Yorker, you mess with all of them.
01. He's a cyborg with BOMB in its RIBCAGE!!!

* they used to have a lot, now they have a little… haha

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