"It's the freakin' weekend, baby, and I'm gonna have me some fun. Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce."
r. kelly – "ignition (remix)"

i went to coachella this past weekend with jord and MAH HERO.

i bet jord and tony that they couldn't make their way to the very front of the stage to see the beastie boys.

fuckers actually made it to the front of a reported crowd of 55,000.

i was about 20 feet behind them holding their b-boys merchandise. i figured, let the beastie marks have their fun. i have a pretty decent knowledge of their discography, but i barely know enough song lyrics to deserve (or want) to be up front. plus, j-rod and t-dog put up with me marking for blur earlier in the day. damon fuckin' played "girls and boys"! how cool is that?

anyway, the beasties basically played an hour-long set of their greatest hits remixed for the stage. it was one of the best live sets i've ever seen. i…actually found myself dancing, which is something that i…don't do. they even made that crappy anti-war song sound good.

seeing how euphoric jord and tony were after the beastie boys set made me kind of bitter though. i kept thinking to myself: why can't MY favorite band (soul coughing) fuckin' reunite so i can go crazy at the front of the stage too? why did they have to break up? blur was great, but i could die happy after witnessing a solid soul coughing set. i HAVE seen them once before, but it was a 25-minute set at live 105's "not so silent night" radio show back in 1998, just as i was getting into the band. i want to mark for MY mike d, goddammit! argh!

unfortunately, as with any festival, you miss some bands. on saturday, we waited two hours in line in sweltering heat to get inside, and i missed ben kweller because of that. also, due to scheduling conflicts, i missed ian mackaye, talib kweli, blue man group, ben folds, the mars volta, red hot chili peppers, interpol and rjd2.

…and that's why i'm going to field day!

…during finals week.

yeah, yeah, i don't have my priorities straight. tell me something new.

limited number of tickets and gradually increasing prices for a massive outdoor festival? ridiculous… i'm-a go to seattle instead.

N*E*R*D f. Spymob, Kenna + Kelly Osbourne

The Hives


Queens of the Stone Age

Ben Harper + The Innocent Criminals

Beastie Boys

Sonic Youth

Jack Johnson f. Mike Tyler of G. Love + Special Sauce

The White Stripes

Iggy + The Stooges
first performance together in 28 years

Second Annual J. Wilcox Birthday Bash Updated
The Animatrix
(First Public Theatrical Screening)

wed 05.14 @ grauman's egyptian theatre
followed immediately by

The Matrix Reloaded
(05.15 Midnight Screening)

across the street @ grauman's chinese theatre
then later the same day

Blade Runner (Original Release Version)
@ ucla's melnitz hall with curtis hanson (director of 8 mile) and christopher nolan (director of memento) in person

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