My friend applied for a job as a personal assistant on the set of Star Wars: Episode III.

S-Droid: *starts making retarded complicated plans…* learned something from my parents ;-) my flight to australia in july is SFO-LAX-Auckland-Sydney
Rory Hornblower: whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
Rory Hornblower: you got the job?
S-Droid: what job? no i didn't :-(
Rory Hornblower: but you're going to australia anyway?
S-Droid: yeah, i did talk to rick mccallum's office and i get to go visit the set while i'm there ;-)
S-Droid: and have an "informational interview" with rick's assistant. she's really cool and likes to meet new people and help out people who are starting out
S-Droid: yeah… i'll get to see them working tho, my plan is to get myself some background work ;-) haha
Rory Hornblower: ohhh snap…
Rory Hornblower: spoiler alert!
S-Droid: hahaha
S-Droid: "and then ANAKIN… becomes VADER!"
Rory Hornblower: haha
S-Droid: but yea, gonna go for about a month. my plane tickets are a mess but my parents have convinced me it's the best way to use their miles.
[ctrl + c]
[ctrl + v]
S-Droid: you could come too actually if you aren't swamped w/ school stuff


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