I'd like to thank terrorists for not letting me pee at subway stations —due to heightened security concerns.

Do cable networks intend to mass rerun all of Jerry Bruckheimer's movies from the 90s this winter break?


—does your buddy list randomly play movie trailers?
—i hate that
—i have dead aim
—so i dont have the ad bar
—sound comes out the speaker and i scare the fuck out of myself
—i only figured out it was aim like yesterday

Flash ads are still more annoying, but at least they don't ambush you.


Rancid's latest single is "Time Bomb" with different lyrics.

In the produce section of the local 99 Ranch (Asian) Market, the Asian green vegetables (bok choy etc.) are separately wrapped in plastic because the market had a problem with discriminating customers molesting them.

EXIThouse of leaves by mark z. danielewski