Does this suck weenie or what?

I have no clue where my high school diploma is.

I don't think I even received it.

I didn't participate in any graduation festivities in high school because I was kind of suspended indefinitely at the time.

And now this:

—Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is governor, his name appears on every degree awarded by the state of California's two largest university systems.

—His signature will appear on the diplomas of the 125,000 students who graduate this year from the nine-campus University of California system and the 23-campus California State University system.

I'm not sure if it's cool or embarrassing that my undergraduate degree will be validated by Major Dutch Schaeffer from Predator.

I wonder what University of Minnesota graduates between 1998-2002 thought about Blain validating their diplomas.

Carl Weathers should run for governor of Washington, Illinois, New York or Massachusetts so I can have a master's degree that compliments my B.A.