I went to see The Day After Tomorrow with Rory.

Before the movie, I had to pee. As I was about to enter the men's restroom, a woman stopped me and asked if I would tape a flyer above a urinal for her.

I didn't want to be rude, so I said yes.

She handed me a flyer and scotch tape and then another flyer.

—While you're at it, could you tape two?

The flyer says that President Bush "stands in the way of real progress toward stopping global warming" and was designed by MoveOn.org, whose website claims The Day After Tomorrow is "the movie the White House doesn't want you to see."

You know why they don't want you to see it? Because it's not very good.

I mean…wolves? Fucking wolves?

Inside the restroom, I found an open urinal, taped a flyer up and peed while informing myself about global warming.

I didn't tape up the second flyer. After I finished peeing, I hurried out of the restroom. With an anti-Bush flyer already taped to a wall, I didn't want to be in that busy restroom holding another anti-Bush flyer and tape any longer than I had to. I didn't want anyone to think I was some impassioned leftist.

Yes, Bush is a fool for de-prioritizing global warming, but MoveOn.org's Day After Tomorrow flyering is equally foolish. I don't think you can impose environmental or political activism on people, especially in a restroom. Ultimately, the desire to care about anything is self-motivated.