Last weekend, in an apparent attempt to draw a crowd response during his match against WWE champion Eddie Guerrero in Munich, John "Bradshaw" Layfield goose-stepped around the ring and raised his arm numerous times in an Adolf Hitler salute. Such actions are illegal in Germany.

Layfield, 36, moonlighted as a financial analyst on CNBC. The network announced Tuesday that he was fired from his job. He was hired last month after serving as a guest analyst for Fox News Channel, which began featuring him regularly last year following the release of his book Have More Money Now.

WWE.com posted an apology regarding the controversial incident and then removed the statement a few hours later. No word on why.

Layfield is a lousy wrestler who spent most of his career on a ring apron while his African American tag team partner got beat up. His trademark move is the "clothesline from hell," which is just a regular clothesline.

He was recently (inexplicably) elevated to a main event position on WWE's Smackdown roster because the show had no viable main event talent after former champion Brock Lesnar abruptly quit in March. Layfield's character was changed from a bar room brawler to a Texas millionaire anti-immigration zealot, with Mexicans usually the target of his prejudice.

Smackdown ratings have stunk ever since Layfield became the top heel, probably because he sucks in the ring and has never connected with fans.

Last month, Layfield posted a column on WWE.com saying that if you criticize his shitty matches, then you're a fat faggot.

—I am looking forward to Judgment Day at the Staples Center. I believe the pay-per-view will be an excellent show. I look forward to a very exciting match. I have worked my entire career for this match on Sunday. Believe me, I will do whatever I have to do to have a great match. I am in the best wrestling shape I have been in in years. If we got a half an hour, I will be ready. For those of you fat, out-of-shape Internet wannabes who have never done anything more athletic than play checkers, kiss my ass for doubting me, and realize why you hate me. I was the guy in school who made you do my homework and locked you in your locker. JBL will deliver Sunday and you can "report" whatever you want, but you will also realize how little influence you have, except to your little nerd friends. How long has it been since you guys that spend all your time reporting on us have been with a woman other than your mother? After all, when I see you in airports hanging out, you are always with guys. You guys don't have a questionable sexual orientation, do you? Of course, it's 2004, I don't judge.

How uncouth.