Random notes before I leave for the airport:

—oh man… i know you don't care, but i have to tell someone
—i just caught the legendary pokemon in my game. WOOOO.

I saw an old white homeless man wearing a faded Every Time I Die (hardcore band) hoodie.

I saw a crowd of black people waiting outside the Mann National to see Garfield: The Movie.

The remake of Around the World in 80 Days cost $110 million.

I, Max is the worst name for a television show I've ever heard.

I saw Garden State.

Afterward, there was a Q+A discussion with Zach Braff.

Before asking her question (Does the name of the movie have any symbolic meanings?), this one girl informed everybody that New Jersey is the "garden state" and that's why the movie is called Garden State.

I'm ashamed to attend the same university as her.