Bill Parcells is not racial

(Sean Salisbury on ESPN)

I saw a few ads on the internet for Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle .

Apparently, there wasn't enough room in this vertical banner ad to put both Harold and Kumar, so marketing just used the face of a guy who looks both Asian and Indian.

I assume this is a parody of the poster for American Beauty. I don't know if I'd ever want White Castle burgers so close to my genitals.

We don't have White Castles in California. I know native Los Angelinos who think White Castle burgers are only available in the freezer section at Ralphs.

I've been to White Castle twice. Once in New York City, once in Royal Oak. Both times, I saw only black people working behind the counter.

I've been to Black Angus twice. Once in Foster City, once in Sunnyvale. Both times, I saw only white people working in the restaurant.

I've been to Gray's Papaya (in New York City) twice. Both times, I saw only Mexicans working behind the counter.

Okay, they may have been Puerto Rican.

—Wendy's is neck-and-neck with rival Burger King, poised to take over as America's number two restaurant chain behind McDonald's.

How can this be? I've lived and traveled throughout California and I've never seen a Wendy's in this state. They're all in Canada.

Homeless people, when you ask for money and I shake my head, I'm not denying your request — I'm expressing my disapproval of your lifestyle choice. Please do not confuse the two. Thank you.

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