Bringing That Beat Back

—All 10 members of the Wu-Tang Clan will perform together for the first time in over 10 years at the Rock The Bells festival in San Bernadino, CA on Saturday.

Scratch another band off my list.

A few years ago, bored in class, I dreamt up a single-day music festival that would reunite bands from the 90s that broke up. Since then, the original members of Primus reunited and the Wu-Tang Clan is about to, but I think there are still enough kickass defunct bands from the 90s to curate a successful reunion festival. Two concurrent stages. General admission. Full-length sets. Hey, it could happen.

"The Reunion Show"

Stage One
Rage Against The Machine
At The Drive-In
Screeching Weasel*

Stage Two
Oingo Boingo
Soul Coughing
Invisbl Skratch Piklz

*Yes, I know the band reformed in 1996, but first they broke up. Plus, Ben hates touring, and I'd rather see him play live before I die than, say, My Doody Valentine.

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