Decolonizing the Revolutionary Imagination

I love the movie The Rock.

I saw it four times in theatres (twice on opening day) and hold dear my Criterion Collection double-disc set (the Ed Harris outtakes are hi-larious).

Fun fact: Quentin Tarantino and Aaron Sorkin were uncredited screenwriters.

The first time I saw The Rock, I sat through the end credits and thought "Wow, the score was amazing."

That summer, my family visited Taiwan, where I saw The Rock with my cousin Pluto. This fourth viewing reminded me of how amazing the score was. After the movie, I made Pluto drive me to a record store and bought the soundtrack.

I accidentally left the soundtrack in Pluto's car. A few days later, I met up with him and he remarked that he'd been listening to the soundtrack in his car and thought it was really good.

—Can I burn a copy?

The score for The Rock was inexplicably not nominated for an Academy Award. However, since the movie's release, Hans Zimmer's score has become somewhat of a cult hit.

By the time I finished high school, every band geek was familiar with the score for The Rock. In addition, I've heard it used in several movie trailers like the ones for Armageddon and K19: The Widowmaker.

Bottom line: I (and many others) think the score for the The Rock rocks.

So now then.

I was reading album reviews in Rolling Stone and read that a song on Brandy's latest album "includes samples of Hans Zimmer Hollywood movie music."

[tires screeching]


Tell me she did not…


I promptly tracked down a copy of the song in question and…yes…yes, she did.

Brandy sings over a loop of part of the score for The Rock.

How dare producer Timbaland sample this! At the beginning of the song, he proclaims "This is a champion song!" Correction: This was a champion song, until you and Moesha decided to gay it up with a drum machine and lyrics about ending an unhealthy relationship. The two dilute the dramatic potency of Zimmer's composition considerably. And for what? R&B "flava."

To add insult to injury, at the end of the song, Brandy laughs like a schoolgirl.

—Hey everybody! I just defiled one of the best movie scores of the 90s! Tee hee!

God, I desperately want to shove a glossy green VX ball in her mouth right now.

Listen for yourself:
Hans Zimmer – "Hummel Gets The Rockets"
Brandy – "Finally"