Christopher Reeve just rolled in from Montana and boy, is his battery tired

—oh jonny
—you realize nearly everyone who reads your site thinks your a pretentious dickface?

Gee golly…

I love seeing former Oz cast members on other television shows. In the past two days, I saw Vern Schillinger on Nip/Tuck and Ryan O'Reily on Rescue Me. If NBC wasn't airing the Olympics, I'd see a bunch more on the Law & Order shows. I honestly believe that Oz had the most talented cast of any television drama in history.

The college football season begins this weekend. I would be excited, except my school's football team isn't very good. To make matters worse, our crosstown rival USC has the number one-ranked college football team in America.

In my four going on five years at UCLA, our football team has never beaten USC and doesn't look like it will anytime soon. This feud is extremely dispiriting. I use the word "feud" instead of "rivalry" because, as Bill Simmons writes: "in order to have a rivalry, both sides have to win." UCLA/USC ain't Michigan/Ohio State, folks. Michigan students don't dread rivalry week.

Students at my school tend to look ahead to basketball season and even then, our team hasn't beaten USC in two years, against two lousy Trojan squads no less.

From Sports Illustrated:
—In King James, a new DC Comic book, LeBron James is crowned King of Basketball after dominating an underground tournament run by a "mysterious, secret organization."

To add to the excitement of the King James comic launch, ten different cover designs for the comic have been created by some of the comic industry's best artists (Damion Scott, James Jean, Udon, John Van Fleet, Jock and Ariel Olivetti).

Um…collect all ten?

DC Comics printed three million copies.

A cynical remark writes itself.