reporting from: nor cal

While waiting at the (San Jose) airport to pick up Steven, I saw a group of people wearing matching white t-shirts exit the boarding area.

My eyes zoomed in on their shirts out of curiosity. I saw a middle eastern art design on the front and then "Chaldeantown" and "Detroit, MI" underneath and then "Detroit Chaldean Soccer Club" on the back.

This is probably only amusing to me.

Steven and I went to Berkeley. Bongo Burger is yummy.

On campus, I picked up a copy of the Cal humor magazine.

From Squelch:
Top Five Morally Ambiguous Acts
5. Aborting Hitler
4. Killing an anti-Pope
3. Reading to deaf people
2. Buying a Toyota Prius and using the gas you saved to burn forests
1. Cheating on your ugly girlfriend

It appears my brother is obsessed with the game Truth or Dare.