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Hurricane Charley? ("Putting Shame in Your Name," 08.13.04)

Ivan. Now that's a good name for a hurricane.

Many Chinese people have English first names that sound ridiculous paired with a Chinese surname. ("Putting Shame in Your Name," 08.13.04)

My parents told me about the exploits of a friend of theirs who named himself Zimmer.

When it came time to leave a tip for the waitress, the boys refused. ("Sweater weather for you, and a straitjacket for me," 09.02.04)

—that waitress was a snide cunt
—and you're a bitch

—tipping is customary!

—don't get reservoir dogs on me
—regardless of the quality of service
—that's ridiculous
—don't be a jew
—don't be a stupid oriental bound to dubious notions of honor
—bitch please

—elipse me all you want
—i won't pay someone to perform an unnecessary service with a bad attitude
—i'll save my cash and go to a buffet

Evergreen Terrace's [cover of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday"] has heavier guitar, but it's not music. ("Violator," 09.08.04)

Matt (to Rory):
—evergreen terrace is good

—don't judge a band by its cover of a u2 song. u2 sucks, so they can only do so much with what they're given

—hardcore only sounds like screamo if you call screamo hardcore. and saying that they all sound alike is a lot different than saying they're "not music"

—don't like it, it's fine… but on your site, this is how it makes you look: "i like u2 a lot, but not when a screaming band covers it, because screaming bands aren't music" all of the people who don't know you that read your site just got that impression of you
—makes you look like a douche

—i mean, say what you want to say. i just wanted to let you know that it made you look like an old fart

—i find no end to the amusement at the fact that you like u2

Steven visited California over Labor Day weekend. We spent a few days up north… ("Collapse and Applause," 09.09.04)

Steven and I walked around Chinatown for an hour looking for a purse he promised to buy a half-Chinese friend back in Texas. Chinatown is full of gift shops, all of them sell purses, but Steven didn't like any he saw. At one point, he picked up a purse and muttered, "This isn't going to get me laid…"

We saw The Brown Bunny at the Nuart. [Vincent] Gallo fielded audience questions afterward. —Did you cum? ("Collapse and Applause," 09.09.04)

—did chloe sevigny really give him a blow job?
—that's sad

—have you seen the dreamers?
—there is a scene where the american boy wipes the girl's popped cherry blood all over her face. it's really sick
—i watched it with my dad. it was really weird

On September 10, 2000, I quietly launched this website. ("Cuatrophy," 09.10.04)

—happy fourth

Made my day.

I added a timely update to the archive.