Shamrock Embolism

MTV refers to Nelly's two new albums as "Suit/Sweat," probably because it realizes how stupid "Sweat/Suit" sounds.

Gene Rayburn: We surveyed the audience. Top three answers on the board. Please fill in the blank for this: _____ suit. You may ask three panelists for suggestions.
Nelly: Charles.
Charles Nelson Reilly: Leisure suit.
Gene Rayburn: Leisure suit. Popular with men nowadays.
Nelly: Brett.
Brett Sommers: Lawsuit.
Gene Rayburn: Lawsuit. Good one.
Nelly: Richard.
Richard Dawson: Zoot suit.
Gene Rayburn: Zoot suit. A Mexican favorite. [pause] Okay, Cornell. Our panelists suggested "leisure suit," "lawsuit" and "zoot suit." You can use one of those or one of your own. What say you?
Nelly: I'm-a go with one of my own, Gene, and say "sweat suit."
[sparse applause]
Gene Rayburn: …Sweat suit? Are you sure?
Nelly: Yee, dirty.

What happened to Game Show Network?

All it appears to air nowadays are Street Smarts (Jaywalking: the game) and Dog Eat Dog. Cartoon Network could abandon classic Hanna-Barbara because animated series that children will watch aren't hard to produce. Game shows are a different animal. Put $25,000 Pyramid, Press Your Luck and Let's Make a Deal back in heavy rotation, GSN. No one wants to watch Brooke Burns penalize contestants with physical challenges in a giant indoor pool for answering trivia questions incorrectly.

Viacom should launch a children's game show network. Double Dare, Fun House, Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Nick Arcade, What Would You Do? — I'd hit that line-up.

Remember Debt? That was a good game show.

The bonus round of Debt was a chance to go double or nothing on your winnings, based on a single question about a pop culture specialty of your choosing. My friend Shing used to say that if ever she won, she'd choose the sitcom NewsRadio as her specialty. I'd probably pick "the illusions of David Copperfield."

When I'm bored, I storyboard music videos.

Today's pitch: New Found Glory – "Your Biggest Mistake"

The chorus of the song is: "Everyone's told you, over and over again, you're making the biggest mistake of your life."

In the video, band members appear as contestants on popular game shows on which contestants receive advice from other people (Match Game, The Price Is Right, Family Feud, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?). The "contestants" listen to useful outside advice and then respond with fatheaded answers of their own. Jaws drop in the audience. Viewers scream at their televisions. The sheer idiocy renders hosts and fellow contestants speechless.

Interspersed between the game show clips is footage of the band performing in an Astro Jump, just because I think it'd look cool.

Best game show of all time: Remote Control.

Obi-Wan Ken Ober. Haha.