The bottom of the world is gold, and the world is upside down

How good was that Nip/Tuck season finale?

While the previous episode ("Sean McNamara") and Nip/Tuck 21 ("Agatha Ripp") were better episodes, the wicked ending writer/director Ryan Murphy conceived bowled me over.

Other 2004 television drama episodes with endings worth checking out:

24 66 ("Day 3: 6:00 am-7:00 am")
note: this episode is also my pick for "television episode of the year"

The O.C. 27 ("The Ties That Bind")
The Sopranos 64 ("Long Term Parking")
Rescue Me 01 ("Guts")
Rescue Me 11 ("Mom")
and the two Nip/Tuck episodes stated above