A totally different Hulk that we made up

Joe Buck doesn't seem human. He's like a Stepford announcer.

Also: he has a large forehead.

Pop quiz!

Is it a hairstyle of a Boston Red Sox player or Christina Aguilera?
answers: (left to right, top to bottom) 1. bosox, 2. xtina, 3. bosox, 4. bosox, 5. xtina, 6. xtina, 7. bosox

One of these things is not like the others:
a. Bob Costas
b. Greg Gumbel
c. Jeanne Zelasko

Jon frequently refers to Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez as:
a. Pedro Ramirez
b. Pedro Rodriguez
c. Pedro Hernandez
d. Pedro Gonzalez
e. all of the above

ed. note: Fuck you, Hornblower. Martinez, Ramirez, Rodriguez — they all fit behind a name like "Pedro"!

Fill in the blank:
one, two, three, _____
a. four
b. fourteen