"Just rename the city of Detroit to New Fallujah, Michigan"

— Rush Limbaugh

reporting from: North Berkeley

—I have to admit, given a choice between seeing Green Day and seeing Marilyn Manson, I'd choose to see Manson.


I saw Green Day Wednesday night. The pit was insane. By the end of the night, the white parts of my sneakers (see 10.03.04 update) had turned gray.

Opening act New Found Glory finally impressed me live. I'd seen them a few times before, but this time, Jordan actually sang the songs. That is, he didn't keep pointing his mic at the audience, letting them finish lyrics, which comes across very poorly on a soundsystem.

I think my family holds the record for "most embarrassing tastes in music." My brother falls asleep every night listening to Radio Disney. He's 15 years old. My sister owns at least four articles of clothing that say "Dave Matthews Band" on them. My father sings along to Kris Kristofferson and Don McLean in his car. My mother listens to Lauryn Hill's cover of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" on a loop whenever she cooks. As for me, well, re-read the previous graf.