Last Tuesday, I visited the local Best Buy in the evening and learned that it had completely sold out of Napoleon Dynamite DVDs.

According to executives at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Napoleon Dynamite sold 60 percent of its initial shipment to retailers during its first day on store shelves.

Today (Tuesday), I visited the local Best Buy to acquire Wake Up, Ron Burgundy and Garden State and saw a table near the entrance to the store with at least 300 DVD copies of Napoleon Dynamite resting atop.

I hope a similar table will be set up next Tuesday with a bounty of Garden State DVDs atop it.

I should be the fuckin' home entertainment buyer for Best Buy. The chain is always slow to capitalize on a hot product. I remember last year, they didn't stock Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume One at all until a month after it had completely sold out its initial shipment on its first day of sale.