An astute observation has led to laughter

I saw Wake Up, Ron Burgundy.

Chuck D, of all people, plays one of the villains.

A few of my favorite lines:
—Eli Whitney's nose!
—Son of a man nipple!
—I'm Ron Burgundy, reporting from life!
—Spider-Man's balls, that hurt!
—It hurts like a bitchy-bitch!

Dreamworks packaged Wake Up, Ron Burgundy with Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Best Buy packaged the set with an exclusive bonus Anchorman disc.

The Anchorman DVD includes over 60 minutes of bonus features, while Wake Up includes over an hour of bonus content and the Best Buy exclusive includes over 30 minutes of bonus material. That's a lot of bonus nonsense for an inconsequential film in the long run, especially considering that Wake Up is a 90-minute movie assembled from footage that would in any other case exist as bonus content.

I'm not thrilled about the addition of latches to DVD cases. Was this really a necessary packaging development? My other plastic cases shut (and remain shut) fine without the help of latches.