The taste of ink is getting old

America's fastest growing franchise in the private education industry is Tutoring Club, or as my mother calls it, the Stupid Gentile Children Club.

I don't like how the spine of the "k" is truncated on posters for Meet the Fockers. It's poor typography and aesthetically displeasing.

Meet the Fockers, Ben Stiller's sixth film released in 2004, rips off the premise of the sitcom Dharma and Greg. Ben Stiller's first film released in 2004, Along Came Polly, also rips off the premise of Dharma and Greg. Both films were written by the same man, who, evidently, was a big fan of Dharma and Greg.

Maria Full of Grace? More like Maria Full of Baggies of Cocaine! Ahahahahaha!

In The Woodsman (released last week), Kevin Bacon plays a convicted pedophile who returns to society after a 12-year jail sentence. Damon Dash, CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records, signed on to executive produce the indie project, and Mos Def and Eve agreed to co-star for little pay.

Hip hop community members support a white pedophile. Where have I heard this scenario before?

Kanye West in the January issue of Spin:

Do you feel you deserve to be the Artist of the Year?
Yeah, I do. […] When you remember 2004, you will remember Kanye West. [Was there] any awards show, any category, anything I wasn't nominated for? Think about it.

Bob Simon from 60 Minutes asked if you thought you were a prophet.
I said no. But I was probably trying to conform to America. The answer, actually, is yes. Undoubtedly.

"Arrogance" by Kanye West. Do they sell that at Macy's?

Dear BOD for Men:

If your target audience is men, don't fill your television commercials with shots of inherently attractive half-naked men.