Corpses, Rapes and Amputees

Armed with chainsaws, day workers began clearing out the fallen tree below my room today…at 7:00 am.

How much more misery will this stupid tree cause?

I saw Carrie Fisher on The O'Reilly Factor defending Hollywood (haha).

The force was with her.

The force of gravity, that is.

Only 48 years old and she already looks like Walter Matthau.

"Help me plastic surgeons, you're my only hope!"

Those of you who tuned in to the season premiere of 24 this week witnessed Lukas Haas' return to relevance.

Eleven years after playing the title role in Witness opposite Harrison Ford, Haas appeared in Mars Attacks!. At the end of the film, he receives a medal, just as Ford did in Star Wars. Ford receives his medal from Princess Leia, played by Carrie Fisher. Haas receives his medal from Natalie Portman, who would go on to play Princess Leia's mother, Queen Amidala.

I love this photograph.

125 days.

—Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria will star in an upcoming Broadway musical adaptation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Eric Idle should've adapted The Meaning of Life instead. I'd pay top dollar to see on-stage projectile vomiting and middle-aged insurance clerks/pirates randomly interrupt the show.

Does anyone actually watch The Venture Bros.?