It's with art, after all, that a culture best expresses its humanity

Paging Dr. Freud! At 11:59, with word of an incoming missile strike, Jack stares at a tunnel and thinks about his lover.

During the telecast of the Patriots/Colts game on Sunday, one of the announcers remarked that Corey Dillon couldn't truly appreciate his success in New England without having spent seven miserable years in Cincinnati.

I'm sure Kiefer Sutherland feels the same way.

He's probably relieved to have risen above this period of his career:

I wish I had taped last night's episode of Couples Fear Factor so I could share with everybody.

For the third challenge, the man stuck his head inside a plastic tunnel and had his hands cuffed to the outer sides of the tunnel. The woman had to retrieve a key inside the tunnel and then free her man. The catch was that every few seconds, a deluge of raw sewage would surge down the tunnel.

This one woman retrieved the key and then lost it in the sewage receptacle, forcing her man to remain stuck in the tunnel for another two minutes getting pounded in the face with raw sewage. The footage was hilarious.

The Mars Volta's latest single "The Widow" is currently the most played and most requested song on influential Los Angeles radio station KROQ. Expect to hear it in your area soon. What else did KROQ recently add to its rotation? "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" by The Arcade Fire. Haha.