Non scholae, sed vitae discimus

This week is "Get Tested" week at UCLA. It is also Islam Awareness Week. Both seek to inform people about deadly killers.


I'm sorry. That was inappropriate. Ethnic jokes are not funny.

As punishment, I shall blindfold myself with floss and comb my pubes in search of a penis.

—The 1/31 Globe features a picture of [Chyna] sitting down after peeing on herself.

Adam Robot:
—Maybe she stepped on a jellyfish.

Fuck Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes. On this site, we obsess over Joanie Laurer.

Sure, Britney walked into a gas station restroom barefoot, but Chyna (while being filmed for television sitting on a couch naked using a pair of headphones to cover her nipples) argued incoherently with her ex-wrestler-boyfriend about whether she blew pot smoke into his nine-year-old daughter's face.

With all due respect to crazy people, you're hilarious!


I'm sorry. That was inappropriate. Mental illness is not funny.

BRB. American Idol auditions are on.