Who killed Tupac? Ryan Seacrest.

I interviewed for a marketing internship on Wednesday. With my shit luck, I won't get the position.

Anyway, the interviewer told me to "dress casual." My co-workers suggested that I wear a dress shirt, but I don't own any, so I went to Ross to buy one.

The day of the interview (or: yesterday), I woke up early to get my hair cut and then showered, shaved, swapped jeans for khakis and buttoned up the dress shirt.

I arrived at the site of the interview and the interviewer scampered down a set of stairs in a faded Guttermouth t-shirt and a pair of Dickies.

Maria Sharapova grunts strangely. Her grunt sounds like an orgasmic car alarm.

Nothing is funnier than reaction shots of Cameron Crazies after a Duke home loss.