The world is made of paper

From an article on Interpol in Spin magazine:

[Carlos D.] despised many of his classmates; that disdain became rage when his favorite band, Metallica, released their self-titled "Black Album."

"All the preppy, popular, jocky assholes I had to endure for years started donning Metallica T-shirts because they saw 'Enter Sandman' on MTV," he says. "I thought that this was the ultimate betrayal."

Pissed at Metallica's success, he gave up the guitar for three years. It would take Kessler's prodding to get him to think about taking up the bass, and even then, he wasn't sure Interpol was for him.

50 Cent in the same issue of Spin:

Do not play a track with lyrics like "Bitch, get in my car!" for your beloved grandma, as she will invariably say, "Baby, you scare me!" Instead, write a song praising God and she will love you like she did before you started selling crack.

I attended the first public screening of The Onion Movie Wednesday.

It was uneven, but way better than the other Onion movie, Bad Meat, which was astonishingly bad. I saw Bad Meat last year at the Los Angeles Film Festival and 2/3 of the sold-out auditorium left within the first 20 minutes. I still can't believe that the same person behind The Onion's brilliant book Our Dumb Century wrote and directed what I suffered through. Two laughs (one involving Chevy Chase, the other, a man composed of lunch meat) does not a comedy make.

The Onion Movie benefits from the inclusion of actual Onion news and slightly more star power (Steven Seagal, Michael Bolton). It reminded me of the Mr. Show movie Run Ronnie Run.

On the drive back from Hollywood, Cameron pulled alongside a sports car with a girl sitting on the lap of the male driver…facing him.