Homeboy came out red, ma

We don't receive much e-mail concerning our website, so when we do receive some one, it's cause for celebration. Adam's bustin' out the 151 as I type.

B.E.N. (either he's a geek or he's trying to hide a hippie double surname like "Eggleston-Nacogdoches") writes:

—i'm not sure about whether or not [Louis XIV] borrowed liberally from weezer or not, but i CAN tell you that it is totally a melodic rip off of "Metal Guru" by T. Rex/Marc Bolan, even the the chorus of people in background singing "aaaahhhh-aaahhhh". the staccato lyrics of the song at some points seem quite similar to metal guru, although the lyrics are not the same.

Okay, B.E.N., you win. Classic rock is my Achilles' heel. I don't know shit about classic rock. My parents raised me on classical music, 80s R&B and Neil Diamond (swear to G_d) and then my adolescent ears gravitated toward punk, hip hop, new wave and electronica. I can't name a single Rush song and I've never heard "Stairway to Heaven."

I dare you to challenge my knowledge of Fenix TX though.