Teach me the ways of the secular flesh

I caught the end of The Simpsons on Sunday and saw Homer in prison with a precariously perched hat on just like Adebisi on Oz.


Tim Green, the host of the contemporary version of A Current Affair, makes Shepard Smith seem couth.

A former NFL defensive end and practicing lawyer, he comes across like a cross between WWE superstar John Bradshaw Layfield, Napoleon Dynamite and Chet from Weird Science. Yes, he's so incompetent that he's a cross between three things.

Recently, Burger King introduced an omelet sandwich and Domino's introduced a cheeseburger pizza.

You know the fast food industry's out of ideas when they start mashing together existing meal items. Look for an enchilada shake at Sonic in the near future.

"Halcyon" is one of those words that I'm always unsure on how to pronounce. "Cicada" is another one.

Did you know that there is a women's NIT tournament? [shudder]

Better late than never: Hogan made everyone believe