Boys cooling on windowsills

Now Push Pops are spring loaded! So your Push Pop pops UP, pops UP, pops UP all by itself!

Yes, let's further encourage sloth in American children.

What's next? Pre-peeled string cheese?

Every job industry should hold a yearly draft like professional sports organizations do.

Say you're an engineering student who's bored with school. Declare for the engineering draft and show off your skills to corporate scouts at a compound. If you're good enough, a company will select you to join its team. If you need work, you return to college for another year.

Bill O'Reilly in his Talking Points Memo for Monday, April 11:

Initially those three were charged with a crime — obstructing an officer without violence — but now those charges have been dropped by state attorney Brad King. Now Brad King is a Republican, and he has a sterling reputation as a prosecutor — he's not some incompetent guy — but he is shaming himself in this case.

[double take]

Did he just slip in the dude's political affiliation?


Back of Book Segment
Analyzing "Sin City"
Guest: Actor Mickey Rourke

Why is a violent movie like "Sin City" receiving such glowing reviews?

Bill: If you had a 16-year-old kid, would you let him see this movie?
Mickey: 16 years old? Sure. You haven't seen it. It's an entertaining movie because it's from a comic book. Grant you, it's not Superman or Spider-Man — thank God — it's a much better film than any of those.
Bill: But there's cannibalism right?