Atrocity Exhibition

Tony Wilson on Ian Curtis' suicide:

Most people's perception was that Ian's death sanctified Joy Division and made them massive. My version would be: If you look back on Ian's death, it held us back from dominating the world. I remember that Bono sat on my desk about six months later and said, "I'm sorry about Ian's death. Ian was the greatest performer of our generation, and I always knew I was number two and not in the same league, but now that he's gone, I'll do it in his stead." Or something. I always thought it was a bit of bullshit until the Live Aid [concert in 1985], when Bono got off the stage, and I jumped out of my chair and said, "Right on kid, you've done it at last!"

I'm not sure "eclectic" is the right word to describe the headliners for Japan's SummerSonic festival.

Speaking of summer music festivals, Edgefest 2005 in Toronto boasts: Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, Rise Against, Story of the Year, Coheed and Cambria and Killradio. That's like six of the same band.