Switchblades and Infidelity

Despite Zero Tolerance Violation, The Regular Guys Return To WKLS
After being fired from WKLS for violating Clear Channel's zero tolerance policy regarding indecency, the popular duo return to their former home on May 2. CC RVP Jerry Del Core tells FMQB, "Our Zero Tolerance Policy is not a death sentence if someone has learned from their mistake."

Clear Channel is so full of shit. The term "flip-flop" comes to mind.

I think it's time for a moratorium on usage of the expression "What happens in _____ stays in _____."

This expression should only be used for two purposes:

1. encouraging sexual etiquette
"What happens in your mouth stays in your mouth."

and 2. roasting Augusto Pinochet
"What happens in Chile stays in Chile…until Spain extradites you to try you for 94 counts of torture of Spanish citizens!"

Late Night with Conan O'Brien now broadcasts in widescreen.

Apparently, broadcasting in HD means broadcasting in widescreen on regular televisions because the letterbox format preserves the full framing of the HD image.

The Tonight Show, however, has broadcast in HD for over a year now and I've never seen black bars. Why the black bars for Conan?

What NBC hopes to gain by upgrading the pictures of its late night talk shows is also unclear.

CBS is giving Sci-Fi Channel some serious competition with its made-for-television movies. First Spring Break Shark Attack, then Locusts, and this Sunday, a Hallmark movie in which Rosie O'Donnell plays a retard.

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