You know I like Brit Hume

System Of A Down will head out on a two-month North American tour beginning in August, and plan to bring along one of the few Rock bands odder than themselves: The Mars Volta. The arena tour kicks off in early August with a third, still-unannounced band to join the bill.

Please please please let the third band be The Blood Brothers. This tour has the potential to be the next Rage Against The Machine/Wu-Tang Clan/Atari Teenage Riot (1997) or Green Day/Blink 182/Jimmy Eat World (2002).

There is an ESPN personality named Trey Wingo. No way that's his real name. It's probably something like Melvin Lipschitz.

Any guy who claims his name is Tre/y is lying.

Tre Cool, the drummer for Green Day? Lying!
His real name: Frank Edwin Wright III.

Trey Parker, co-creator of South Park? Lying!
His real name: Randolph Severn Parker III.

Tre Simmons, former Washington Huskies guard? Lying!
His real name: Chester Simmons III.

By this logic, I should be Ace Hornblower.


If your name's Chester, should you really be passing it on to future generations?

Why do girls always insist on paying with change?

Say lunch costs $4.56. Instead of handing the cashier a $5 bill, a girl will rummage through her purse for exact change.

Such behavior is maddening when you're waiting in line.