21st Century Digital Boy

Holy cannoli!

I just saw the program schedule for the 2005 Visual Effects Society Festival in Santa Monica.

Day two:

a panel on Sin City with visual effects people from Cafe FX, The Orphanage and Hybride

a panel on Revenge of the Sith with visual effects people from ILM

a conversation with Academy Award-winning visual effects men Jim Rygiel (Lord of the Rings trilogy, Starship Troopers) and Richard Edlund (original Star Wars trilogy, Ghostbusters, Die Hard)

a panel on video games with Lorne Lanning (Oddworld), Glenn Entis (Chief Visual Officer of Electronic Arts, co-founder of PDI [Shrek]) and others to be announced

a screening of Batman Begins preceded by a panel with visual effects people from Double Negative


Could there be a more perfect day? I'm totally geekin' out here.

Day passes supposedly go on sale next week.