Spicy Noodles

day one: little house of savages
day two: poser points

Right now, video game enthusiasts are plotting to film and network at E3, opening day for Revenge of the Sith is approaching, and people that I know may be involved in both. I'm Federal Asian Jon Yu, and this is the longest week of my life.


Tushar and I booked a hotel room for Tuesday and Wednesday so we'd have a quiet place to prepare for our meeting with Nintendo.

The following takes place between Tuesday May 17 and Wednesday May 18.

7:30 am
Jon: Why are you and Chad all dressed up?
Tushar: We're attending a mobile gaming expo this morning. I thought I told you.
Jon: My memory sucks. Anyway, call my cell if no one's here when you two return.
Tushar: Okay. Shibby.

7:31 am
Jon: [to himself] Did he just quote Dude, Where's My Car?

9:00 am
Jon: Bleh. Fuckin' early birds. Where are you off to?
Jord: Manhattan Beach. I'll be gone most of the day. Must…prepare… I have my first major interview tomorrow morning before E3.
Jon: Where at?
Jord: Not sure yet. Probably a random hotel lobby.
Jon: Ah. Well, have fun.

11:30 am
Jon: Any plans for today?
Forest: No.
Jon: Wilcox and I are headed to the Giant Robot store. You wanna come?
Forest: Sure.
Jon: Joe, hold down the fort!
Joe: [grunts]

11:35 am
Jon: The bus stop's on the other side of campus. We can eat lunch in the student union first.
Wilcox: Shibby.
[Jon glares at Wilcox]
Wilcox: What?

12:40 pm :: bus stop
Jackie: [walking by] Hey, Jon.
Jon: Hey.
Wilcox: Who was that?
Jon: A friend of mine.
Wilcox: Whoa whoa whoa! You know people besides us? I gotta tell Jord.
[Wilcox dials number]
Wilcox: Jord! You are not gonna believe this. Jon Yu knows people besides us! Yes, real ones!
12:55 pm :: en route to little tokyo west
Forest: True Lies was a sweet movie.

3:00 pm
[phone rings]
Jon: Hello?
Chad: Hey, it's Chad.
Jon: What's up?
Chad: We checked in to our hotel room and are now on our way over to your place. Tushar says he's driving Wilcox to the airport at 4:00 pm.
Jon: Yeah, to pick up Matt.
Chad: Matt, eh? All right. See you soon.

3:30 pm
Chad: Hey.
Jon: Hi. How was the expo?
Chad: Boring…and hot. I hate wearing suits.
Jon: See anything cool?
Chad: Haha. Brady Bunch Kung-Fu. This Japanese developer sought film and television licensees and TV Land signed a deal with them.
Jon: Interesting.
Chad: Where's Joe?
[sound of water drizzling outside window]
Jon: Mr. Singh, Mr. Wilcox, you should probably leave soon. Afternoon Southland traffic awaits.
Wilcox: Yeah yeah.
Jon: Don't waste too much time sightseeing afterward. Hornblower's stopping by for dinner.
Tushar: Shibby.

7:00 pm
Rory: Do I have the wrong address or did this domicile become an Apple Store overnight?
Jord: Hey!
Rory: Jesus. How many PowerBooks are currently active in this room? One, two, three, four. All the same model too.
Matt: Student discounts, baby.
Rory: Where's Jon?
Jord: Um…sitting beside me?
Rory: No, the slant-eyed one.
Chad: He's in the bathroom.
Rory: I'm sorry. Have we met?
Chad: Yeah. Last year when I was here for E3.
Rory: Oh that's right. You tried to rape me.

7:10 pm
Jon: You're not coming to dinner with us?
Jord: Nah. I'm exhausted.
Jon: All right.

7:20 pm
PowerBook: [moaning]
[sound of light slapping]

8:45 pm
Jon: Well, that was fun.
Forest: Yup.
Jon: Hey, Jord! I brought you vegan cookies…
Jord: I'm on the phone!

8:50 pm
Jord: Yeah, he told me about that. Haha.
Jon: Who is he talking to on my phone?
Wilcox: Dunno.
Jon: Jord! Who the fuck are you talking to?
Jord: [into phone] Hold on. [to Jon with a shit-eating grin] Jose.
Jon: No the fuck… Give me the phone.
Jord: [into phone] Sorry about that.
Jon: Give me the fuckin' phone, assclown!
[phone eludes Jon's many attempts to grab hold]

9:00 pm
Jord: Jose wants to talk to you.
[Jord finally hands Jon phone]
Jon: Hello?
Jose: Nice guy, your friend. We exchanged stories about you. Haha.
Jon: Heh.
Jose: Listen, I'm in town this week covering E3 parties for the Post. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo — I'm attending them all.
Jon: You want me to go with you?
Jose: Pshhh. I had enough trouble acquiring passes for myself. No, I called to ask if you knew any good Indian food places in downtown Los Angeles…

9:10 pm
Jon: What was that all about?
Jord: He called asking for you and I struck up a conversation with him.
Jon: Well, isn't that adorable? Instant BFFs! You couldn't have just taken a message?
Jord: Haha. Someone's jealous I hit it off with his secret buddy… Wahhhh! Wahhhh!

9:45 pm
Television: I got nexted!

10:00 pm
[door knocks, Jon opens door]
Jon: Robert?
Robert: Yo.
Jon: What a pleasant surprise.
Jord: Robbie!
Jon: Make yourself at home. Rory, can I speak with you on the balcony?
[Jon and Rory step onto balcony]
Rory: What's up?
Jon: I need the number for Nate at Division.

10:05 pm
Nate: Hello?
Jon: What the hell is Robert doing here?
Nate: Jord invited him.
Jon: Jord? And you sanctioned his request?
Nate: Pete did.
Jon: Motherfucker! You know Pete wants me gone!
Nate: Dude, Robert's not there spying for Pete. He's on a trip for pleasure.
Jon: Yes, and human beings automatically disable all cognizant skills when they're on vacation.
Nate: Look, shut him out if you want.
Jon: I do that, and he'll think I don't like him. Hell, I do anything but accept his company, and he'll think I don't like him. It's a no-win situation. [sigh] You think Jord's working for Pete?
Nate: Maybe. He claims he missed hanging out with Robert.
Jon: Hmmm. All right, Nate. I'll…deal with the situation.
Nate: Wait, what do you mean "deal"?
Nate: Jon? Hello?
[Jon hangs up]

10:12 pm
[Jon dials number]
Chad: Hello?
Jon: No one is to know it's me calling.
Chad: Okay.
Jon: I need a favor. Do you trust me?

10:22 pm
Chad: So where are you interviewing Raiford tomorrow?
Jord: I'll find some hotel lobby.
Chad: You can use our hotel room. It's quiet, private.
Jord: Not a bad suggestion.
Chad: In fact, why don't you, Wilcox and Forest spend the night in our hotel room? This way, you can conduct your interview and then invade E3 together with your boys.
Jord: What about Robert? He's E3-bound as well.
Jon: Um… Do you mind if he stays here tonight? I haven't seen him in forever and I'd really like to catch up. Besides, he has his own car.
Jord: I…I don't mind. [to Robert] Do you?
Robert: Not at all.

10:50 pm
Matt: See you tomorrow, Jord.

11:35 pm
Jon: Robert, you've gotta try this new Diet Coke with Splenda. It's fantastic.

11:40 pm
Robert: [yawns]
Jon: Tired? I know it's been a long day for you. You should get some rest. You need to be up early for E3.

11:59 pm
Jon: Is Robert passed out, er, asleep?
Matt: Yeah.
Jon: Good.
[Jon extracts steel briefcase from underneath desk]
Matt: What's that?
Jon: Joe, on the bookshelf behind you is a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Can you hand it to me?
Joe: Sure.
Matt: What's goin' on?
Jon: [to Joe] Thanks. You still keen on playing Smash Bros.?
Joe: Most def.
Jon: [to Matt] Here's $10. Why don't you and Joe go see if Hollywood Video has Smash Bros. in stock? Buy some candy with the leftover money.
Matt: What about you?
Jon: [hustling Joe and Matt through door] Come on, gentlemen…
Matt: What are you gonna do while we're out?
Jon: Whatever's necessary.
[Jon closes door]

11:59:58 pm
11:59:59 pm
12:00 am