No Hard Feelings

The following is an undoctored screenshot:


Note the website and then note the banner ad at the top.

Land of the Dead special makeup effects supervisor Greg Nicotero in Entertainment Weekly:

"This gag is the one most people freak out over," he says. "When [LOTD director George Romero] saw this even he said 'It's over the top.'"

On-screen, a zombie literally reaches its fist into a guy's mouth and pulls his throat out. When it ends, Nicotero just stares at the computer and starts cracking up. "Isn't that awesome?! He pulls his whole esophagus out! I mean, why wouldn't he? He's a zombie!"

The Hollywood Park Music Garden Concert Series continues Friday July 15th with "Legends of Old School" featuring Tone-Loc and Coolio.

I thought I was old when Nick at Nite started airing Full House. When Tone-Loc and Coolio are considered "old school," I KNOW I'm old.

Brothers must have hit rock bottom if they agreed to perform at a race track.

Speaking of old school, Young Republican Mark called me at 2:30 am and told me to turn on MTV. Lo and behold, I see Ishmail ( on Next. He was the fifth man called up.

Ishmail, 24
—shaves his own head
—matches his boxers to his clothing
—laughed so hard at a party a tooth fell out

The lonely female made Ish eat cheesecake with her at the Brewing Company here in Westwood. She "nexted" him for refusing to fetch her chocolate syrup. He spent like 25 minutes ignoring her repeated solicitations for chocolate syrup.

Post-"nexting," Ish pointed at his crotch and said, "I got your chocolate syrup right here."

Good times.