I'm shaking! I'm shaking!

Chow Yun-Fat will play notorious pirate captain Sao Feng in the second sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates 2 and 3 are currently shooting back-to-back.

come back to LA and be a pirate
they need asian men who are willing to shave their heads to be extras
they need like thousands of extras to mill around
shaolin pirates?
they want serial killer looks for pirates. i have no clue what that means but the casting people say it alot
as far as i can tell, skinny, missing body parts, that kinda deal
apparently pirates 3 is all about the asians
pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black market
how much are extras paid?
not much. i think non-sag, ~100/day. maybe a bit less
but if you get picked to be a pirate, you go to the bahamas
i'd probably have to live aboard a crappy disney cruise ship though
hey, women only get to work in LA apparently. and they pretty much need women to be prostitutes
i hope pirates 3 isn't like back to the future 3
the random "what now?" one of the trilogy
i was worried they were making sequels at all
they're gonna have a hard time living up to pirates 1. but still, i dont care
the first was pretty brilliant
working in the ride without it being lame
well, except the part where you see tourists dining
geoffrey rush is in pirates 2
how does that work?
i dont want to "spoiler" you
'cuz i know how die-hard you are about pirates
fair enough
but if rush returns in the second one
that means pirates 3 is totally back to the future 3!